Mouse in the House! - A Follow-up

A couple weeks ago our leading pest control technician at APC Management, Gary Wilkinson visited a home with signs of a mouse living inside, since his initial visit he has since been back to confirm whether the pest problem has been solved. Read about his previous visit here.

The homeowner suffered from a condition known as “musophobia”, otherwise known as the extreme fear of mice. Because of this it was important that the mouse was removed from the premises quickly and Gary decided baiting would be the best option.

We’re very concerned about the local environment here at Accurate Pest Control Management, trying to work as carefully as possible and know that baiting should be used with caution in case another animal was to consume the poison. The pest problem was located in the customers home and so the likelihood that another animal would find the bait was very low, and so Gary laid the bait then came back a week later to check.

A quick look at the bait which had been put out confirmed that the mouse had consumed the poison, and a short survey of the area showed no signs of a continual mouse infestation. As you can see in the images the mouse droppings stand out under UV light, this is how we know that the animal has consumed the poison.

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