Where Exactly Do Bed Bugs Come From?

If you’ve ever come into contact with bed bugs you will know just quite how itchy and annoying they can be. Their bites can be very painful and quite unsightly. Have you ever wondered exactly where these odd creatures come from?

It was originally thought that bed bugs came around 50-60 million years ago, around the same time as bats, and it was also thought that these two species went hand-in-hand. Recent studies have actually discovered that it is much more likely that they evolves closer to 100 million years ago and existed before bats or humans. A very recent theory also suggests that they evolved in the region we now call the Middle East. It’s amazing to think that a common pest we have to deal with in the modern era actually originated from a time when dinosaurs walked the earth.

Nowadays bed bugs can be found all over the globe, but how exactly do they make it into your bed?

The most common travel method bed bugs will utilise is hiding in old furniture. If you suddenly experience a bed bug infestation this could be because you’ve recently purchased or been gifted some second hand furniture. Bed bugs can live for weeks without feeding, so even if the furniture has been in storage it might be worth you considering getting a pest controller out to fumigate the furniture for you.

If you have visited a hotel recently with poor hygiene standards you may also bring home something more than the complementary shampoos! Bed bugs can cling on to human or animal hosts in order to travel and spread to more locations. They may also hide in luggage, purses or backpacks too. There’s little you can do to avoid this other than check the hotel’s cleanliness standards before you book a room.

We are experts on beg bugs here at Accurate Pest Control Management so if you have a beg bug problem, or need some advice, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you out.

Damage caused by Bed Bugs

Damage caused by Bed Bugs