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Flies are a common pest problem in and around homes, factories, farms and  food based businesses. They are a major carrier of disease, although some fly species pose more of a threat than others depending on their life cycle and feeding habits. Flies tend to be more of a problem during the summer months when breeding conditions are favourable. Their are many types of fly but those causing the main problem to homes and businesses are listed below.

Some of the most common types of fly found in homes

  • Blue Bottles and House Flies - are attracted to rotting food, dead animal carcasses and animal faeces and are frequently found in rubbish or bins. They are major carriers of disease.

  • Cluster Flies - If you find large numbers of flies in you your attic or wall cavities,  or resting on the side of your house they are most likely to be Cluster Flies. Cluster. use these areas to hibernate in autumn and winter and they seem to be more attracted to houses painted a light colour. Cluster flies are regularly seen around window frames. Cluster flies have an interesting life cycle as they lay their eggs in earthworm colonies rather than on food or dead animals and therefore pose less of a heath risk. 

  • Fruit Flies - as their name suggests fruit flies are attracted to rotten/ fermenting fruit and other sugary substances. They are a very tiny fly, sometimes called 'beer flies' as they are also attracted to fermented drinks like wine or beer.

One treatment usually sufficient. If a carcass from a dead rodent is responsible we will endeavour to remove the source if practical.

If cluster flies are in attic we may use an ultra low volume fogger.

Our services


  • Full survey always carried out prior to treatment

  • Ultra low-volume fogger used

  • Low-level insecticidal residual spray

  • Commercial and home properties


  • Fly pheromone traps can be placed around commercial and home properties.