Ways To Keep Pigeons Away From Your Property

Pigeons can be annoying, very dirty and are particularly unpleasant to have around your commercial or home property. Did you know that pigeon guano is highly acidic and can wear away soft stone damaging your property?

Alongside corrosive droppings pigeons can also block your gutters and drainpipes with their feathers and nests potentially causing leaks leading to water damage on your property. At Accurate Pest Control Management we deal with pigeons all the time and offer a variety of bird-control services.

Because of all the problems pigeons can cause, we have compiled a helpful list of ways to keep pigeons away from your property:

  1. Spikes - The first thing many people will consider is installing bird spikes. This method is highly effective when used strategically. Placing the spikes in problem areas such as windowsills and ledges on buildings will stop pigeons from perching or building nests there. Spikes can also be placed along tree branches to stop pigeons from sitting over places such as outdoor dining areas, storage space, or courtyards.

  2. Post and wire - This works similarly to bird spikes, but is a much more aesthetically pleasing design. The posts are installed along windowsills / ledges and then a small wire runs along them. The wire is too small for the pigeon to grab hold of and sit on and so they won’t be able to perch or nest there any more.

  3. Don’t feed them - This one is obvious, if you throw food out in the open then pigeons will find it. It would also be beneficial to discourage other property owners nearby from leaving food out in the open as well, if you wish to still feed smaller birds then you can buy specific feeders to keep larger birds away. Bird feed mixes that contain larger grains such as corn are also likely to attract pigeons.

  4. Audible deterrents - These can come in a variety of forms, however none of them are pigeon specific and will also scare off any other birds in the area. Farms regularly use devices that periodically emits a large boom noise. In a more urban area people will opt to use a frequency scarer, which will put out a certain tone that some animals will run away from, or a predator scarer, which plays a recording of a bird of prey call, thus scaring the pigeons away.

  5. Netting - Netting can be placed around properties as a cheap proofing option to stop birds gaining access to attics, storage areas, sheds, or barns. Larger netting can be placed over sports facilities like astroturf, tennis courts, swimming pools etc. to discourage and stop birds from landing.

  6. Kites – These are often used on agricultural properties. A large kite shaped like a bird of prey is flown above the property to scare other birds, such as pigeons, away.

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