Why Are Bees Important To Our Planet?

Bees make the world go around.


Bees are the most efficient pollinators on our planet right now. Yes it’s true, other insects also help to pollinate our plants and crops like butterflies, beetles, wasps, and even mosquitos and ants! (and the wind..) But bees are the insects that really get the job done. Around 1/3 of all the food we eat relies solely on bee pollination, that’s a huge amount! Without this food we would struggle to survive.


Bees are also responsible for pollinating the food that feeds animals like cows, sheep, goats and horses. Without the bees there to pollinate the clover, field beans, and many types of grass there would be no grazing for these animals and we would struggle to find somewhere for them to live.

Obviously everyone speaks about the food side of things, but what you often don’t hear about is the fact that pollination also helps plants to breed themselves. The bees will carry the pollen from one flower to another, fertilising them along the way. This triggers the flower to fruit or seed, allowing it to create another generation of plants- in fact just a single colony of bees will pollinate over 4,000m² of trees per year! If the bees were to die out then slowly over hundreds of years the tree population would drop, as old ones die or are cut down, new saplings won’t be there to replace them.

Another reason bees are so important to the planet is the economy. Many small businesses thrive off and even rely on bees, beekeepers, farms, garden centres, and many more. In the UK bees contribute over £400million into the economy each year.


Why are bees dying out?

Over the years we, the human race, have shaped our planet to work the way we need it to in order to survive. Unfortunately this has meant we have changed the way farming works and encouraged the use of pesticides. We have also had to destroy huge amounts of natural land in order to build farms, towns, cities and transport links meaning that bees have less and less space to live and feed. Combined with this parasites and disease among the bee population has also lead to deaths in colonies.

Here at Accurate Pest Control Management we will always work our hardest to ensure any bee population is kept safe. Often we work alongside local bee-keepers to re-house the hive, or we will temporarily move the hive to a safe location until the bees decide to move on. If you have a bee colony nesting in or around your property feel free to contact us now using the button below, or take a look at our other blog about bee relocation here.