Garden Black/Red Ants

Ants cause nuisance in and around the house by foraging on foodstuff including anything sweet,  blood,meat, cheese, fats and bodily excretions.

They can bite and pose a threat to health as vectors of pathogenic organisms.

People often refer to 'flying ants' as if they were a separate species, but in fact flying ants are normal ants that take to the air to mate during the warm summer months.

Pharoah’s Ants

This species set up multiple colonies and a survey is always required before treatment can commence

Our services

Gel traps

  • Series of gel traps laid inside and out so that workers take insecticide to the queens.

  • Usually takes around three to four weeks to eradicate completely. Guaranteed in same area.

  • Two visits usually needed two weeks apart.

  • Same or next day service.