Wood boring beetle, or “woodworm” as it’s commonly known, is the wood eating larvae of many species of beetle, it is also the generic term for any wood-related insect infestations.

Woodworm can cause wide-spread damage across your home or commercial property particularly in loft-spaces and under floor-boards. This can include damage to the structural integrity which may lead to an entire building collapse.

The most common beetles that woodworm is derived from are: Common furniture beetle, Powderpost beetle, Deathwatch beetle, House longhorn beetle, and Warf borer.

Our technicians are specialised in dealing with woodworm and a full comprehensive survey is required before any quotations are given. A full report and 15 year guarantee is given to you once the infestation has been treated.

Our services

We are specialists in woodworm infestations, and advice can be given before any treatments are carried out.


  • Low level residual spray of all the areas of the house that have been infected.

  • Commercial services offered as well.

  • Full survey required, next day service