Common Bed Bugs are parasitic insects that feed exclusively on blood, mainly at night. They prefer human blood  but will feed on other warm blooded animals.

Bed Bugs can feed without being noticed,  but leave bites and rashes which may become infected or cause allergic reactions. They lay their eggs in the creases and crevices of mattresses and other soft furnishings,  the webbing on bed frames or even behind cracks in wallpaper near where their hosts are sleeping..

Our services

We are specialists in bed bug infestations, and advice can be given before any treatments are carried out.


  • We use the best of the available professional strength insecticides

  • Two visits are needed two weeks apart due to the egg stage.

  • Customers need to vacate the premises for the treatment and for four hours afterwards.

  • There should be no cleaning carried out to allow the insecticide to work for atleast 10-14 days.